Importing & Sourcing

In Our Complex and Competitive Global Environment, the Need to Protect Your Intellectual Property is Vital.

Sourcing Services
Sourcing is a procurement strategy you can’t afford not to have.   Obtaining a quality product at a low price point and selling it to the consumer for a profit is the basis of a successful business.

Finding the most cost effective solution for your product, from a reputable manufacturer or supplier, and getting it to your door step can be a long and arduous process.

Are you considering importing from overseas?  A great profit can be recognized from buying direct from manufacturers.  It can also be a costly mistake.  International importing is a complex endeavor that becomes a serious business risk if undertaken without the proper knowledge and resources.

Importing Logistics
Global databases exist and your competition is using them to spy on you!

In this competitive global market, the need to protect your intellectual property is essential!   Where did you get your product?  How was it made?  Who made it?  What price point did you pay?  These are all questions your competitors are asking themselves.

A great deal of effort goes into the establishment of a products centered enterprise.   What you sell is public knowledge, where and how you obtain your product doesn’t have to be.  By utilizing our strategic sourcing and confidential importing services the anonymity and confidentiality of your trade secrets will remain intact.     Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your procurement requirements.